Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'll try..this's true!!

Having a chat with my friend vivekasugha just now really gives me something to think about. everything he said is true. none are not true. yes, guys will give better picture bout other guys..only guys understand what they are thinking..and what they want.

thankzz's very meaningful. before that, I did had a chat with other guy, someone..but with him I can't really talk bout my problems. mybe I'm the one who are not really comfortable telling my problems to him. never mind..huhu..

yes, I admit..things have not being very smooth lately. I think a lot..and now I'm regretting it because I feel like I'm a fool..but there is no use regretting things now. it already happened. 
'why should I think of him who has left me whenever he wanted to do so..'
'why should I think of him when he gave me so much hope but then he denied giving it..'
'why should I trust his words when he didn't really doing what he said..'
why?? why?? why??

yes, maybe because he's the first one to tell me dat he likes me. he's the first guy to tell me that he sayang me..n he's the first guy who told me that he misses me. but now, everything's gone!! u lie to me!! u broke my heart!! n now, i'm trying to accept the fact dat im a fool!! not because liking u soo much but because I trust your words and promises that you've made.

but now. I'll really try. I'll try to forget you because that is what you want. every messages that I sent to you have no replies. thankz..for showing me da truth..for showing me that I shouldn't trust you start from the beginning. n for showing me that i shouldn't put hopes on you anymore. 

now, I'm searching for a guy who could accept me the way I am. who will be beside me everytime I need him. who will always give me support in everything I do. who will never leave me without alasan yg kukuh as I am digantung x bertali. day, I'll find that guy, n to find that guy that I want, I have to be the same..accepting him, not leaving him, supporting him..

YA ALLAH, jika dia adalah untukku, Kau dekatkn lah hati-hati kami, tetapi jika dia bukan untukku, Kau jauhkanlah hati-hati kami. dan tunjukkanlah jalan yang terbaik bagi kami. Amin...

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