Friday, March 5, 2010

profession as a doctor..


being a medical student is not easy..but being a medical offficer, specialist or consultant is much more harder. I admit that, this is my ambition since i was a child..but my interest is not really into this..I love mathematics and physics more than I love biology..but now, there is no turning back. just finish what i've started..n 'he'; before 'leaving' me also told me to finish what i've started n be excellent in it. of course my parents also told me the same thing.

during pre clinical years, I didn't really enjoy what I learn..but when i started to be in the clinical years; since about 8 months ago..i've started to realize that i actually love to be in this profession. seeing the patients everyday makes me think a lot..n makes me realized that life is very short n how important to make our single time valuable. things come unexpectedly. maybe we are very healthy today, but tomorrow..who knows..

meeting n having a chat with these patients also make me realize that everyone is not perfect. we have different problems in life..and this makes me really2 bersyukur with what i've got now. my family, friends, my financial and everything...

yes, i hate reading too much words, but that is what medicine all about..we havo to read..if not, we are not going to have enough knowledge..n cannot treat our patient well...yg bwah nie only sebahagian dr buku2 yg aku ad..nie mybe suku pon x sampi kot..huhu..punyela byk kan kene xpe..sabo..untuk mase depan sndiri coz i don't like people who has no future n don't even think bout their future..sorry ye..huhu..

actually..ckp mlayu la plak eh..i'm very happy sbb dpt bgtau dr zubin one positive finding in a patient. aku tatau before tu ad or tak dr lain yg cek..but i could see that lpas i told him about the positive finding, there is a change in the impression made towards the patient. mksudnye..before nie..findings nie dr len x jumpe..mybe la kan..(tp bkn aku pon yg jumpe..dr nyunt did, it's just that, waktu tu aku yg present bout dat patient)'s totally different dgn other doctors punye impression..but i'm happy sbb..mistakes mgkin akn berlaku if we don't examine the patient thoroughly..n tak look sebetul2nya the signs that the patient might have..but..seriously...I'M HAPPY!!! hehehe...=P sbb dpt gtau dr zubin bout this..n he is a very good doctor!! die sgt2 care bout the to them..jarg dpt jmpe dr yg akn buat dat way..=))

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