Wednesday, March 10, 2010

not to blame others..

I've come to realize that..actually, I can't manage my emotion very well. yes, lots of advise I gave to my friends around me when they are having problems...but when it comes to me..things are not easy as I say..having a big problems with my feelings bout 1 month ago really affect me..affect my study, as well as my emotion. yes, I can't really control myself at that time..and I admit, since then, I've started to ignore my books and my notes. I kept thinking of him, thinking silly things that only make myself suffers..that make my feelings hurt more. and now..this is what I get..I can't perform well in my exam..I am very2 sad..but, after this..these kind of things will never happen again. insyaAllah..


  1. atunn!! bersemangat la!! jgn la givap in ur study k??

  2. poni!!!! tq2!!! caayyannng kammuuu!!!=D